Yogi Ganesh

Ganesh Thakur is from and lives in the Himalayas in the village of Vashistha. He is an experienced yoga instructor certified in Hatha and vinyasa sharing asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra and is currently working as a yoga instructor at open lotus yoga retreats. A forever student, Ganesh is a deeply grateful yoga practitioner who honors  the loving wisdom his teachers have shared with him. He consistently runs pranayama and meditation retreats and shared has a passion for sharing mantra and how it affects the body and mind. He is a mountain guide, is trained in Traditional Hatha Yoga from his Guru, and has learned from many teacher from Vashisht and Rishikesh including his father. His love for and believe in the practices is apparent in his teachings and daily life.

Chuni Lal

This seventy five years young priest practices daily Hatha and Raj yoga.He loves to teach and discuss and has an impressive knowledge.As one of the senior priests of the Rama temple in Vashisht, he is highly respected amongst all the villagers.


Gianna dove into yoga and a dedicated practice as a means to get out of chronic pain and mental instability. Once the journey began, the benefits were undeniable. Realizing the power of practice, she went full time studying under BikramChoudhury for the 26 + 2 series,  Mary Jarvis the backbend guru, Leslie Kaminoff for yoga anatomy, and Sarasvati for ashtanga. Gianna is a Bikram certified teacher, a 500-hour Yoga alliance certified teacher, and teaches bikram yoga, meditation, rocket yoga, yin and vinyasa.

Gianna has competed in international asana championships, placing first regionally and nationally and second internationally.  She currently judges for the USA Yoga Asana Championships, and continues to train to improve both her practice and her teaching. “My goal in practice is to better my teaching and my goal in teaching is to hold space for those to better themselves. In this communal process of progressing, we further the realization of unity and acceptance in this world.”

You may find Gianna all around the world leading teacher training’s, continuing education, and yoga classes and workshops for all walk of life.