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We Are Open Lotus Yoga Retreat

Located in the heart of the Indian Himalayas, Open Lotus is a yoga retreat that not only offers yoga and meditation services, but high-adventure trekking and camping expeditions. Professional teachers and guides from around the world will give you the best experience possible. We offer accommodations, meals, and a yoga shala—all with fantastic views of the Himalayan mountain ranges. We are based in Vashisht—a small village 3km northeast of bustling Manali. Vashisht is a small village that has a lot going on: natural hot springs, a jovial population of locals, diverse restaurants and shops, and winding walking paths that twist and turn throughout the valley to various landmarks like Jogini Waterfalls and other neighboring villages. We can accommodate individual travel needs or that of a large group.

Because we’re located 3,000 meters above sea-level, it gets cold here in the winter! However, that won’t stop us from helping  you plan different tours and adventures throughout India. We not only offer yoga, meditation, and trekking adventures in our native state of Himachal Pradesh, we can help you plan your adventure around the entire sub-continent; wherever that may take you. Tours include northern regions like Ladakh and Spiti, or south to New Delhi.

Whether you like yoga, meditation, adventure trekking, or a combination of all three, Open Lotus Yoga Retreat can provide you the best service and bring your travel desires to fruition. We look forward to serving your travel and adventure needs.


Bios and information on the people that bring the best of Open Lotus:


Born and raised in Vashisht, Chhape knows the locals and the area like the back of his hand. With 20+ years in the tourism business, Chhape has built up an impressive resume and skillset as a guide covering the entire subcontinent of India. During his career, he has adapted the ability to navigate and schedule the perfect itinerary matching both individual and group travel needs. His sense of humor is widely acknowledged and he puts his outstanding organizational skills to good use by providing travelers a wide range of options and flexibility.